How I got here

I would like to tell you two short stories, which had brought me here. The first story took place quite a long time ago, like 7 – 8 years ago, and the second has just happened a few months ago.

Back in 2007, when I was an adolescent, the stock market in Vietnam collapsed. I do know now that VN-Index had gone down by approximately 80% during those days. However, at that time, I did not understand exactly what happened and why did it happen? But, I remembered the faces, scared, worried, and disappointed. I did not have any memory about the numbers, but I did remember the color: red. My parent lost half of their lifetime savings. It actually did not affect our lifestyle much. However, the experience has a great impact on me. It made me think restlessly about an idea, the idea about a place (or more exactly, a market) where money can flow into and, then, flow out with a greater amount, magically, without doing anything. How can it work? What is the process? The curiosity drove me mad. I decided that I need to know more about stock market despite the fact that I did not even know that Finance is the place where I should look into. At that moment, it’s just like a hobby, no more no less.

Until when I went to the College, one of the best business universities in Vietnam, I supposed, that “hobby” came back to me. I made a decision which changed my life, well, I am just 22, my life was not that long. I chose to join a student club called Securities Investment Club, simply because I am curious about Finance and Stock Market. Participating with these people had greatly impacted me. I became more and more enthusiastic about the stock, shares, and stuff. I knew that I love to establish a career in finance but something still held me back. I studied Business Administration, and I just don’t want to start to study something new, especially Finance which is a very difficult major. So it was still a hobby. In addition, SIC actually gave a lot of other things which somehow also positively impacted me, but I guessed it’s not the purpose of this post. In the end of the day, I still don’t know what to do with my life, I just imagined it would relate to sale or something like that.

That’s the first story, it is quite long and it, surprisingly, did not go anywhere near my dream. Oh, I did not mention that this is the story of how I found my passion, did I? Well, this is.

The second story turned out to be quite short and predictable. I joined a competition in the summer of 2015. If you knew me during my university life, even for a very short time, chances are you met me in some kinds of competitions. Don’t get me wrong, I actually suck at competitions. So this competition was somewhat different, it was in Ho Chi Minh city so we had to fly there to compete with other teams. The competition was interesting and fun. However, there was a part essentially related to Finance, which was, more specifically, company valuation. That’s my part and I did it terribly, which is somehow not too surprising to me. We lost in that competition and, though, we still enjoyed the journey.

However, there was something in me changed. When I sat in the Tan Son Nhat international airport, I suddenly realized how much I am into Finance. It’s like a thousand of firework going off at the same time. I did not lie to you. I immediately turned to my friend, well you may recognize this if you are reading, and tell him:”I am going to study Finance”. And that’s how I got here, drown in thousands of pages of curriculum, Schweser’s note, and mock exams. But, I tell you, I am happy.

Thank you for tell me something I was too stubborn to realize

This story is something simple and boring. But the more I though about it, the more I realized how many signs that I ignored before I just cannot ignore anymore. Maybe there is truly a path for each of us. Maybe we will get somewhere we belong from the first place. Don’t ask me, I do not know. I am the silly one who took a flight to a strange city, 1,160 km far from home, to recognize something was obviously in front of my eyes.

But, the thing I found fascinating about my story is the possibility. What if my parent did not lose a fortune in the stock market and I was not a curious teenager? What if I am not good enough to get into my university? What if I did not restlessly and crazily join a wide range of competitions? Every of those “if” did not happen because otherwise, I was not who I am right now. Every decision of mine made me today. The story seemed like I did actually “find out” my passion. No no, it is absolutely not. It is more like a story of how I grew my passion. And, my friend, that’s how I believed about Happiness, Passion, Love, and Dream. You will never find it in the corner of your life, most of the time, you have to build it sweat and tears.

It may sound silly, crazy or naive to you. But, hey, that is my story. I love my story. And that’s enough for me.

P.s: So, a friend of mine thinks that writing in English would be a good idea to practice English so I decided to write this post in English. Hope it would not be too goofy or silly.


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