One or two random thoughts before the dawn

I have a lot of good habits and skills. Yep, I can confidently say that. One of which is planning skill. Boys, I am good at planning and, a little less excellent, at following a plan. I almost always know what I need to do or start at what place. The thing is I had decided where I want to be in the next few years and the rest is pretty basic, working hard toward it. If I see an opportunity to achieve better, I grab it and adjust my plan with a little higher goal. I feel fine with the fact that I can often find useful things to do, books to read, stuff to learn anytime. I even sometimes call myself positive and visionary. Maybe I really am. The thing is, deep down in my heart, I scared. I scared of the possibilities. I scared of being lost. At those negatively honest moments, I even think that all of my plans are just some kind of defensive ways so that I can feel safe. The problem with the specific plans is that they are amazingly useless against unexpected events. Occasionally, they can turn upside down your entire plan.

Recently, I get myself some alone time. The reason is pretty predictable, my plan does not work out as it is. I have a week off plan, not a big deal. I spent some quality time taking care of myself. However, somehow I still feel so empty inside. It is really strange to me since I always love doing what I am doing right now.

Well, even this post is strange to me because I have never published a post without a clear message.

A glimpse at Brexit

It was a hot summer day in late June of 2016. There was an event that most of the traders and investors observing minutes by minutes, just like a football match. The UK was on a referendum about Leave or Remain in the EU. I will not try to analyse in detail the general picture, I was just trying to show my experience on one of the most important days in 2016. Continue reading “A glimpse at Brexit”

Money laundering and Panama Papers scandal

Just in the other day, when I was having lunch with my dad, he asked me about Panama Paper and told me how confused he was with all of that stuff. I was a bit surprise since this is quite a complicated subject, which I did not expect my dad to be aware of. So, as a finance enthusiast, I tried my best to explain it to my father. I realized that there are a lot of issues around us that we want to know but it’s just too complicated or irrelevant to understand and care about. I have always wanted to do something small but useful for people like my dad, my younger brother, my nephew, or anyone who want to know more about finance. However, I, of course, still need to learn and practice to make it happens.

Continue reading “Money laundering and Panama Papers scandal”

The way I see about Financal Market

Because of the massive amount of shares on these confessions about Finance on an FTU fanpage, I’ve noticed and spent the time to read. Honestly, I am with the guy blaming the Finance sector and I, not-so-proud-to-say, did think about it and still choose to join this industry. I will not comment a word about the IQ, skills, or knowledge of the finance worker. I believed that the author of the confession did not consider bank employee stupid because of their knowledge but, actually, their intentions of using their abilities. Continue reading “The way I see about Financal Market”

The Others

Đôi khi chúng ta nhận ra một điều rằng, chúng ta là những người còn lại trong một câu chuyện của người khác. Chúng ta không phải nhân vật chính của câu chuyện đó, chúng ta là những kẻ sót lại, những người khác, hay đôi khi là những người thất bại mà câu chuyện không kể đến. Continue reading “The Others”